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Why West Loves Putin?

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

This article is a mix of satire and reality. So take it as it is. Putin is loved by the west as a dictator. His killer smile might be one of the reasons. The longest-serving President of Russia title was quietly taken and smiled yet again. When you are looking into his eyes, and listening to his conversation, you will find out a nationalist alpha male sprinkling you with his pro-Russian thoughts which you might not endorse but you will love it unlike McDonald’s every time.

Syria saved by Putin

He is respectful and respected amongst his comrades because according to him, Russians have a cultural setting that might be different than others but unique in its own sense and also deserves respect from the outside world. His strong commitment to Christianity is what drives him to go into Syria and fight battles for Assad against the oddly odds of NATO members to make them evenly even. This is why Assad never left power ever. Some people opine about him that he is very autocratic and dictatorial. These people never wore a self-confidence cloak that Putin wears. Putin knows where to move and where to stop.

One of the incidents that inspired millions in a video that trajected him to respect an old war veteran who was pushed to the side by his security staff but he stopped everything. Putin then goes to the elderly and shakes hands with him to let the world know at the Victory Day parade in Russia that the culture of respecting the elderly should be widely endorsed within Russian families.

Putin and the old war veteran

Another of his motivated workouts was his availability at the judo karate session in which he was practicing alongside black belts reminding the world that the security staff that he carries is just a show. He is more than a killing machine, himself, which is why Joe Biden called him a ‘Killer’ i guess. So painful were the times for Biden after calling him killer that Biden just missed falling off the stairs of the Air Force One, not once, not twice but thrice. Putin knows the black magic probably.

Putin Knows Judo!

Have you ever felt the sub-zero temperatures of the Russian waters? The majority hasn’t. But Putin has the ability to defy the sub-zero temperatures because he is Russian President 🙂 So you can think of Sub Zero of the game Mortal Kombat in hand-to-hand combat and losing because his superpower won’t work on Putin.

Putin and Sub Zero Temperatures

Putin would go another mile to pick up the cap of the Palestinian honor guard and place it back on his head so that things get easy along the way. Arabs might like this act but the west surely loves it.

Putin honors the Palestinian honor guard replacing his dropped cap

Which Putin do you love the most?

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