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Declining Birth Rates of First World Countries

Reproducing zero or fewer children is the order of the day in first-world countries. There are very few couples who come across this beautiful gift of Nature. Most of them who reproduce want to keep a long-term relationship with their partners. This thought of going long-term with their partners by having children gets doomed when one of them decides to leave the other. This phenomenon of giving your share to the national requirement of producing enough children to keep the demographics stable is very important for any society to let old get the proper attention that they had been working for all along with their lives. Because if you are not producing enough workforce of tomorrow, then you will have to import workforce from somewhere which might keep you tagged as imperialist or capitalist. Somehow you will also be brain-draining the countries that you are importing your workforce from.

Fewer Babies Bane of Europe

Declining birth rates is also because of splitting families. Divorce is a big issue in the modern world and finding true love never ends and the time that should have been placed into making the family system stronger was spent on brothels or extramarital relationships or most often destroying the values of raising the children in a better way. The children who are brought up with fathers and mothers miles apart also don’t value the family system in general. So what do you expect of them? Raising children for the upcoming generations is a big task at hand. Nobody knows the future but when people divorce, children go through a trauma that only psychologists can understand. This is why mental health issues also arise and sometimes taking their own lives and taking the lives of others is depicted heavily in the news articles and video game culture, respectively, that you see every day. Criminals are not aliens, they are from amongst us.

Demographic Changes Affecting First World Countries

Will birth rates stop declining by inviting migrants?

Inviting more migrants. When you invite more migrants to your country, you are inviting more cultures to mix with your own culture. If multiculturism is a value in some parts of the world, it might not be a value in some other parts of the world. Some people take it head-on when their own workforce is not good enough to meet the needs of the system that they are living in. This is why xenophobic rants are loud and clear in Poland when a public figure like Polish MP Dominik Tarczynski said that multiculturism is not of value to him or other Polish. He believes that Poland has never invaded any country of the Middle East so why should it take immigrants from the Middle East. According to him, Poland is not imperialist like the UK where he lived for a while and discourages the number of nationalities that gather there. What will you call it when the number of Polish will collide with the incoming Middle Eastern workforce? Maybe Polish decided to have more children and see through their future better than the other nations or vice versa.

Demographic changes impact future vision. There was a time not very long ago in 1979 when China decided to put a thumb on the number of children produced and limited it to a one-child policy. Anyone who would produce more children was supposed to give a fine, depending upon the social standing of the family. Although this law was converted to a two-child policy in 2015 after noting that people reproduced more boys than girls and the girls would be exterminated during pregnancy by abortion. This ruthless demographic change which made the supply of Chinese brides for an equal number of Chinese grooms was noticed by the authorities. This also led to the imbalance of the workforce of tomorrow. The aging population of China had become the core issue for the policy to be shifted from one to two and more.

Mixed race children. You might be wondering about the red Indians who were inhabitants of the United States before the white takeover of America. Not so long after that, the newly inhabited whites brought the slaves from Africa to the United States to work tirelessly and make America great in the first place. And you notice that interracial marriages were only allowed after 1967 by the supreme court of the United States. Still, the family system of Blacks in the US is better than the family system of Whites. And interracial marriages in the US give a boost to its multicultural diversity to produce interracial children. Most racial diversity can be seen in France where there are lots of Africans which led the French Football team to win the Fifa World Cup of 2018. First, you invade other countries, bring in their people, and then hate them for who they are. Some would argue, do not invade, produce more children of your own.

Abolish abortion. Either it is gender-selective abortion or the other one, once life comes, it is exactly equal to killing the human being. This phenomenon has to be understood that you cannot kill someone. Abortion has to be abolished altogether. Nature has the capacity to keep the system of reproduction intact by keeping the demand and supply of men and women equal. But when we push things according to our own will, Nature pushes back by depleting one gender over another.

Conclusion. Governments should make such laws that encourage the local reproduction cycles instead of human trafficking which creates disbalance in an already imbalanced world. Keeping the marital and family system alive to raise the workforce of tomorrow is vital for any society to grow progressively. Introduce programs to keep the divorce rate low to prevent the family system collapse. Reproduce with love.

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