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Best Web Hosting Providers Of 2021

So you are looking for the best hosting provider for your site. Although in the world of marketing you will find all the hosting providers boast about their services as the best web hosting available in the market, you will have to keep your eyes open while purchasing some hosting plan because you shouldn’t leave a hosting one after another and frequently. Certainly, you have to look into a renewal plan price that needs to be purchased after a year.

Here you will get an insight into how different hosting providers are presenting the pricing of their services that they claim to be the best.

Factors Affecting Best Web Hostings

With all this mess around the place that says more dollars spent will get you there for the best speed that google wants to rank a site, I think there are certain factors that affect your website loading speed. The loading speed of your website directly depends upon some factors, CDN i.e. Content Delivery Network, optimization of images placed at your site, code file size, caching of data, SSD disk space for faster delivery, shared hosting, cloud-based hosting, etc.


Following are the services that Hostinger is providing to their millions of clients.

Hostinger Best Web Hosting Plans
Hostinger Web Hosting Plans

This is what ‘Hostinger’ is providing in the name of the best web hosting SHARED at the cheapest prices available.

Hostinger – Shared Web Hosting Plan

This is their cloud based hosting plan

Hostinger Cloud Based Hosting Plan

This is their VPS (Virtual Private Server) based hosting plan.

Hostinger VPS Based Hosting Plan

This is their Windows OS Based Hosting Plan

Hostinger Windows OS Based Hosting Plan

This is their tagged WordPress Hosting Plan

Hostinger – WordPress Hosting Plan

One thing that is notable here, in all these plans, is that all companies that give their services are basing their strategy on the same provisions. The provisions are:

Shared Hosting PlanCloud Based Hosting Plan
LINUX Based Hosting PlanWindows Based Hosting Plan
Offerings Of Web Hosting Providers with Name Changes

A2 Hosting

In the list of best web hosting, A2 Hosting is not down the line. However, you shouldn’t be surprised by the names of the hosting plans of A2 Hosting because they, at the backend, are offering the same thing. But they have a good reputation for uptime and reliability. So here are their plans in pictures.

A2 Shared OR WordPress Web Hosting Plan
A2 VPS Web Hosting Plan
A2 Reseller Web Hosting Plan
A2 Dedicated Server Hosting Plan


Namehero has the following plans available. Namehero also has a better reputation in terms of uptime. Their cheapest option goes with the name Web Hosting plan which has the following features.

Namehero Web Hosting Plan

Then comes their Reseller Plan.

Namehero Reseller Hosting Plan

Third on their list is VPS Plan

Namehero VPS Plan

Highest on their list is Managed Cloud Plan

Namehero Cloud Based Plan


Siteground is one of the trusted web hosting provider in this business and offer their services for quite a good value for money for the first year. Yes, the con of this web hosting provider is their higher renewal rate which clients complain of. Following is the list of services they are providing to their reasonable customer base.

Siteground Web Hosting

Following is Siteground’s WordPress Hosting

Siteground WordPress Hosting

As they name it, Woocommerce Hosting Plan.

Siteground Woocommerce Hosting

These are their top-notch services, with the name ‘Cloud Web Hosting’

Siteground Cloud Hosting

Other Web Hosting Providers who are also considerable in their customer base cannot be overlooked. For your perusal and understanding, their mentions are in place.

Note that your page load speed is dependent upon where your pinging server is located from the client who is trying to ping you from the other part of the world. If the hosting provider has multiple destinations for keeping their actual servers, then they will provide the client with data earlier than those hosting providers who have servers at only one location in the whole wide world, hence better SEO ranking and faster load times for the former than the latter.

My recommendation of the day is Hostinger!

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